I choose Animas High school because of my Dyslexia. I first went to school at Riverview Elementary, It is a great school but it is not built for a kid with learning disabilities. At the beginning of the Third Grade I was at a first grade reading level, spelling was nonexistent, and vocabulary was very limited. They hired a tutor and by halfway through the year the improvements were minimal, so they decided to take me out of Riverview and move me to a school specifically targeting gifted and dyslexic students. In the year and a half I was at the school, it completely changed my life. I was in a seventh grade reading level, my vocab was amazing, and spelling had improved a lot. This year and a half gave me the necessary tools to attend Mountain Middle School, Mountain is where I fell in love with project based learning. I chose to go to Animas for the project based learning, and I can not wait for the next four years!!

Why I chose to go to Animas High School

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